The Women's March
Marymount faculty supports the rights of the marginalized by demonstrating for them in Washington, DC.
Split Apart
This story memorializes a murdered Soldier by looking at how traumatic events may be connected
Ghosts of Desert Shield
U.S. women Soldiers witness and experience gender oppression in Saudi Arabia while deployed
Ogg 4th
A humorous account of a woman Soldier's basic training experience with her drill sergeant "Ogg"
The Man I Lost
A story about loving and losing a special fisherman
Girls on the Bus
A female Soldier's perspective on the art of peeing in wild places
Mama's Christian Love
This critical essay describes how Mama Younger's love in A Raisin in the Sun, follows Paul's admonition to love each other
The Touch
A single touch can convey a lifetime of experience, including those of a Vietnamese refugee who falls in love
With big hearts, Marymount students cook a meal for people who have experienced homelessness. They cleaned up afterwards, too!
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